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Who is Altina Schinasi? Whose Google is celebrating 116 birth anniversary

The Google search engine has honored the designer of the ‘Cat-Eye’ eyeglass frame through its doodle on the occasion of Altina Schinasi’s 116th birthday today i.e. on 4 August 2023.

Google does not lag behind in any celebration. It is common to doodle to remember. This time Google has remembered the woman who made Cat Eye glasses. This is American female artist, designer and inventor Altina Shinasi. She is known for her great contribution to distinctive fashion and eye design.

Who is Altina Schinasi?

Altina Schinasi was born in 1907 in Manhattan, New York, and her artistic journey exposed her to the vibrant arts of Paris. There he discovered his passion in painting after completing his high school education.

During this period, he invented a new and unique ‘cat-eye’ spectacle design for women, which accentuated the face and made it attractive. He also ventured into filmmaking during his creative journey and made a captivating documentary, “George Grosz’ Interregnum”, which was nominated for first place at the Venice Film Festival.

Also, he wrote a creative memoir book titled “The Road I Have Travelled” to share his travel stories. To pursue her hobby, Altina Schinasi worked as a window display designer at the D’Art Students League in New York City. He worked on several projects with great artists such as Salvador Dali and Georg Gros and had the opportunity to learn from them.

His design initially suffered a number of setbacks, but was picked up by a local shop and the Harlequin glasses quickly became popular. His ‘cat-eye’ glasses became a fashion sensation among women in America in the 1930s and 1940s. He also received the prestigious Lord & Taylor American Design Award for it.

Google said in its blog post, “We send our warm wishes to her 116th birthday, who was a strong woman in countless ways!” –
Today, the influence of Altina’s cat-eye design continues to influence fashion accessory trends around the world. His contribution made him iconic and he also did important work for the society using his art.

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