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Onam 2023: 10 days long festival in Kerala

Onam 2023 celebrations have already started in the South Indian states of India. Onam is mainly celebrated in Kerala. Like every year, Onam 2023 will also last for about 10 days.

The people there follow the Malayalam calendar and according to the Malayalam calendar, Onam festival is celebrated in the month of Chingam. Chingam is the first month in the Malayalam calendar and falls between August and September in most years.

When is Onam 2023?

First Onam – 28 August 2023, Monday
Thiruvonam – 29 August 2023, Tuesday
Third Onam – 30 August 2023, Wednesday
Fourth Onam – 31 August 2023, Thursday

But Onam 2023 will start from 20 August till 31 August this year. That is, Onam 2023 will end on 31 August.

Why is Onam celebrated?

Like every festival, there is some belief in the celebration of Onam. It is believed that on the day of Onam i.e. Thiruonam, a great king named Mahabali used to come to meet all his people.
And when the king used to come to meet his people, people clean their homes to welcome the king and celebrate this festival with great joy. This year Onam 2023 has started from 20th August and will end on 31st August.

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But in this 10 days festival, 1 day is more important and that is the 10th day. That tenth day of this year will be on 29 August 2023 i.e. Tuesday, which will be celebrated with great enthusiasm.

There is also a belief that this festival is dedicated to the incarnation of Vishnu, the supreme god of Hindu civilization. Among the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, there was also a Vamana avatar and the Onam festival is dedicated to this avatar.
Onam is also known as the “harvest festival” and many people prepare vegetarian dishes during this festival. It is believed that at least 20 dishes should be made in this festival.

Different Stories about Onam

A story continues that once the Asura king Mahabali was performing a yagya to gain control over heaven and was so strong that no one could defeat him. So when Lord Indra came to know that Mahabali wanted to take over the heaven, he got scared and sought help from Lord Vishnu.

In that Mahabali Raja was very famous for his donations and did not allow any Brahmin to return empty handed. So Lord Vishnu incarnated as “Vaman” went to the door of King Mahabali and asked him only 3 yards of land. The king thought how much would 3 yards of land be and he said yes to it.

But Lord Vishnu measured the whole earth and all the people in his two steps. Now he asked the king, ‘O king, where should I put the third step? So Rajan folded both hands and said that ‘O God, if you want, you can measure our body’ and in this way Lord Vishnu showed him his form.

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