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How to shut down laptop with keyboard: in 2 easy steps

In this article, you will know how to shut down laptop with keyboard. Many times while using laptop/desktop we have to face some situation in which our mouse stops working.

You may also have some sort of pointer instead of a mouse that has stopped working. And now when you want to shut down the laptop it is not shutting down. If this is the case with you too then you do not need to worry.

How to shut down laptop with keyboard

Here in this article, we will tell you some such shortcuts, using which you can easily turn off your laptop/desktop. And it will not make any wrong impact on your system hard disk and any folder.


If seen, there are many ways to turn off the laptop / desktop. You can turn it off easily with the mouse. But the problem starts when your mouse is damaged or your laptop hangs.

To shutdown you have to use these 2 shortcut keys from keyboard.Sometimes on some laptops some special shortcut keys do not work so here we are giving 2 shortcut keys. Using any one of which your laptop will shut down.

1- Alt + F4

First of all, you have to press “Alt + F4” together and you will get to see a window like this, where you can see many options. Of these, using the Tab button, you have to do ok on shutdown and your laptop will shut down.

How to shut down laptop with keyboard
Image- Windows

2- Ctrl + Alt + Del

If your laptop is hanged and it is not shutting down, then for this you have to press the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” button from your keyboard, when you press it, you will see many options. which timeout. Restart. Shut down and Task Manager option appears.

You can select the shutdown button according to your choice and your laptop will shut down. If you choose the restart button from it, then your laptop restarts in a short while.

2- macOS:

So you get to see both these facilities on Windows laptops and desktops only. But what if your laptop is not Windows, but Mac, then you have to press “Command + Option + Control + Power button” to shut down the Mac.

3- Linux:

On Linux laptops, the key combination might vary depending on the desktop environment you’re using (such as GNOME, KDE, etc.). A common method is:

Press “Alt + F1” to open the applications menu, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the power options. Select “Power Off” or “Shut Down” and press Enter.

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