Watch Kris Dunn drop three F-bombs after hitting a shot over Alec Burks

Bulls guard Kris Dunn let his emotions get the best of him against the Jazz Wednesday night.

After hitting a clutch jumper late in the game, Dunn yelled “F— him!” three times. It appears he was directing his screeching toward Jazz guard Alec Burks who was attempting to block his shot.

Burk and Dunn don’t have any history that would indicate the two have any beef.

Burk, 26, was selected 12th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, while Dunn, 23, was picked as fifth overall five years later in the 2016 NBA Draft. Neither have played for opposing colleges, and quite frankly they grew up more than 1,300 miles apart from one another.

It potentially was just a heat of the moment reaction to hitting the two-point shot, which gave the Bulls a 100-96 lead over the Jazz with roughly 23 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. The Bulls managed to pull off their fourth-straight win, beating the Jazz, 103-100.

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