Ice sketchy, geese, walleye/sauger and perch: WWW Chicago outdoor

Ice fishing remains sketchy at best, but there is some in the northern areas such as Nielsen’s Channel and some Chain O’Lakes backwaters. Yet ice is sketchy enough that perch fishing remains the lead for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.

There are other things, such as trying for lakefront lakers along with the perch; sandhill cranes are at a season high at  Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area; and there’s a plethora of odds and ends in rabbits, ducks, sauger and walleye.

As for my plans, my hopes to roam with a friend this morning were knocked awry yesterday. So I am catching up on some writing work ahead of the holidays. Also had to turn down an invite to hunt geese this afternoon because of working a supper fundraiser.

Next week, I plan to get out with Mike Hanson of Starved Rock Guide Service and do some walleye and sauger fishing on the Illinois River, something I haven’t done much of in recent years.

One of my hopes for the weekend is to get in at least a little bit of old-fashioned kicking out some fencerows to hunt rabbits, an old favorite of mine. Rabbit hunting is a trip down memory lane for me. We shall see if timing works out. I considered ice fishing, but it is sketchier than I like by us south of the city, so that is out.

Oh, and how far can I stretch the definition of outdoors? I plan to pile up points with my wife by going with her and our daughter to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago Saturday night. If you don’t understand the concept or importance of piling up points, drop me a note and I will explain.

As to more general Wild Weekend Wandering, here goes.

PERCH: Dennis Ocasio messaged yesterday that there might have been a perch boil again at the North Slip. That aside, perch fishing continues to lead all activities around Chicago outdoors. It has slowed some, but there are also reports of some bigger perch. It’s up and down the lakefront. Remember that Park Bait is closed for the season if headed to Montrose.

ICE FISHING: On Thursday, the folks at Hermann’s Lowlife Bar and Grill on Nielsen’s Channel in Port Barrington–(847) 639-9644–posted on the Hermann’s Facebook page with the photo above and an update about a few guys getting out and there was a couple inches of ice.

Looking at the weather forecast, I am not real hopeful on there being widespread ice fishing any time soon. But the forecast could change.


SANDHILLS: The migration of sandhill cranes continues to dominate our skies. A lot of them are ending up, for now, at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area, southeast of Valparaiso, Ind. On Thursday, the season-high count was “14, 240 and one whooping crane.” I still have yet to see a whooping crane when I have been to Jasper-Pulaski. Click here for details on how to do the sandhills at Jasper-Pulaski.

WATERFOWL HUNTING: The weather seems to have moved geese around some or made them more active, especially for field hunters.

Tuesday is the final day of duck…

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