Houston mother behind latest Bitcoin boom

MONTGOMERY, Texas – Tree-lined streets with rose bushes in the yards and squirrels on the lawn is the all-American-type of town Kingwood soccer mom Kym Morgan lives in.

She has three children, and her regular job is at MD Anderson, but a select few also know her as “Lady Bitcoin.”

“I know on Twitter I changed my handle to lady*bitcoin since, you know, I’m trying to increase my presence as a lady, you know, more sophisticated!” Morgan said.

The stereotype is much different. It’s a techie mining for Bitcoin in mom’s basement. But that’s not the reality.

Everyday folks like Morgan are on the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency.

“I’ve paid my bills with it. I’ve used it to buy groceries,” Morgan said when asked what she’s used Bitcoin for aside from taking a trip.

Bitcoin is the financial buzzword right now.

How to Get Started: https://www.bitcoin.com/getting-started

“It’s another way to buy goods and services, so you can use it as a currency,” Morgan said.

When Morgan joined a Bitcoin meetup group in Houston in 2014, it was just a few people hanging out. Now at her meetup, and others like it across the country, it’s standing room only.

“Fifty, 100 — I’ve seen 200 people at the meetup before,” she said. “I mean, it’s grown exponentially.”

The first widely publicized Bitcoin transaction was back in 2010 when 10,000 Bitcoin were traded for two pizzas.

Recently, one Bitcoin equaled about $8,000, and it’s constantly changing based on the open market for the currency.

Check Bitcoin’s current price: https://charts.bitcoin.com/chart/price | https://www.coindesk.com/

Anyone can buy Bitcoin through an online exchange. Or you can buy and sell Bitcoin and check the balance using an ATM, like at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.         

Morgan also uses a Bitcoin debit card, and she said she treats Bitcoin like an investment. She’s constantly putting away dollars into Bitcoin.

“My hope is to continue to pay for college for my children, to be honest with you,” Morgan said.

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